Saturday, July 28, 2012

WORK – an easy and efficient time killer?

I started ‘work’ in December 2008. I am yet to come across any guy who is perfectly satisfied with his work. Well, perfectly satisfied would be expecting too much. But, even finding people who are partially satisfied has been a challenge.

It is as though not being happy with work is an accepted norm. This really got me thinking as to why is it so. At first, my immediate thought was maybe we just don’t have any other options and we all need money for survival and this is all it is. But, quite possibly, I was wrong.

Now, just for the sake of discussion, let’s consider an imaginary situation, where in one fine day our employer would tell us that we don’t have to report to work any longer, but we would continue to get unlimited money for the rest of our lives. Initially, this might sound like an offer too good to refuse. But, trust me, most of us would not continue with this offer and within a few weeks/months, we would be requesting our employer to take us back [we might even agree for a pay cutJ]. We would start feeling guilty that we are not being productive. For a fact, we have been tuned from day one of our lives that we should be engaged always and being idle is an unpardonable sin. But then, we don’t have to report to work and we have all the money we need, can’t we just pursue whatever we want? I think here is the core of the problem. Even if we have all the time and resources in the world, am not sure how many of us are clear as to what would we want to do with that, including me. Or maybe, few of us do know what we would want to do in such a luxurious situation, but just lack the guts to do it now. Worst case, some of us might never try to know what we would want to do.

The perfectly satisfied worker might just be the guy who has realized what would he do if he had all the time and resources at his disposal and who does exactly that every day of his life. Whether this is practical or not is a different question, but blessed are the people in this situation. For the rest of us, until we fix this gap, I think we should be content with Monday morning blues and Friday evening rainbows.